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Stencil Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

Stencil Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP

It feels like tattoo artists are constantly pushing boundaries and coming up with new styles and trends that have us itching to get to the studio. The latest trend? Stencil tattoos.

Stencil ink is "created to look more like a tattoo stencil than an actual tattoo itself," wrote Justine Morrow, the editorial manager for, a platform created to connect the tattoo community. What's more, it's going to be a huge trend in 2021.

Stencil tattoos can be done using color or black ink, and they're perfect for minimalists who love fine-line designs. Unlike other tattoo styles created to look like they've been part of the body for years, these designs are meant to look like they were delicately sketched on top of the skin.

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