No, Sydney Sweeney's Natural Hair Color Isn't Blond

When she's not playing a character who has become rather . . . polarizing, to say the least, on the hit series "Euphoria," Sydney Sweeney is busy being a full-fledged beauty icon. Before she was on "Euphoria," Sweeney had actually been in the acting industry for quite some time. With roles on the Netflix series "Everything Sucks" as well as HBO's "Sharp Objects," Sweeney grew up in front of the camera and has amassed quite the loyal following since the start of her career. With fans now watching her every move, they take notice when she reveals a new hair color. She can pull off any look, but it makes you wonder: what is Sydney Sweeney's natural hair color?

Though she's become known for her long, blond hair, you may be surprised to learn that it's not the shade she was born with. After some detective work, we learned that Sweeney is actually a natural brunette and seemed to dye her hair somewhere around 2018 during the height of "Sharp Objects." Though it's common for actors to dye their hair a rainbow of shades for work, she's stuck with the lighter hue pretty consistently ever since.

To take a closer look at Sweeney's natural hair, keep scrolling.

Sydney Sweeney With Brunette Hair in 2013
Getty | JC Olivera

Sydney Sweeney With Brunette Hair in 2013

Sweeney's natural hair color is close to a dark chocolate brown shade, though she also looks great as a blond.

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