5 Beauty Products Tracee Ellis Ross Can't Live Without

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Tracee Ellis Ross's beauty may look effortless, but even she has a makeup bag full of products she can't live without. Following the launch of her natural haircare line, Pattern Beauty, the Black-ish actress spoke to Coveteur about her go-to products and how she keeps her natural curls looking fresh and bouncy.

When asked about her haircare routine, Ross opened up a bit about the different regimens she has — one for work and one for personal days — and spoke briefly about the types of products she tends to gravitate toward, like jojoba oil and conditioning cleansers. "To create my best hair, which I'm usually doing for work, it all happens in the shower," she said. "I often co-wash, so no shampoo; I give my hair a good rinse and work my scalp, and then I use a really good, hefty conditioner." Her "hefty conditioner" of choice happens to be one of her own, the Medium Conditioner that retails for $9 at Pattern.

"I brush it out in sections to get the curls poppin'. Then I rinse with cold water, low water pressure, so that all the curls that developed don't get broken up," she continued. "While my hair is soaking wet, I drench it with the leave-in conditioner, which I did today, and then I diffuse. I do that because it takes a long time for my hair to air-dry."

Of course, hair wasn't the only thing on Ross's mind; she also talked about some of her makeup and skincare favorites. Read ahead to see (and shop!) a few things the actress keeps in her makeup bag.