Are These Velvet Nails Not the Most Mesmerizing Thing You've Ever Seen?

You may consider yourself to be pretty well-versed in the world of nail art. Maybe you follow more manicurists and nail-inspiration accounts on Instagram than you do your own friends. But if you have yet to hear about a nail trend making its resurgence on social media, give yourself a moment to bask in the beauty that is the velvet nails trend. If this is your first time hearing about it, that's understandable. The look has wavered in popularity since first being spotted on LA-based manicurist Amy Le's Instagram account back in 2022.

There are a few ways to achieve the look — whether it's a single coat of shimmer-effect nail polish or a similar finish in a gel formula — but regardless of the route you take, velvet nails make for some of the prettiest nails that we've ever laid eyes on. The manicure feels especially fitting for the upcoming season because of its luxurious, eye-catching finish.

If you're interested in achieving your own velvet nails, we discovered even more velvet-nail-art inspiration on Instagram. They have a texture to them that looks exactly like the fabric — so much so that you can almost imagine how soft they feel. Some have a slight shimmer to them, while others are matte. They work on acrylic and natural nails alike and come in a range of colors. In other words, this manicure is the epitome of versatility.

The latest viral iteration of the look uses a twisted paper clip attached to a magnet to create a negative-space heart design on the surface of the nail. As a result, velvet nails have once more skyrocketed in popularity.

Keep scrolling to see more velvet-nail-art inspiration. No judgement if you need to take a moment to phone your nail salon after scrolling through these pictures.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

Champagne Velvet Nails

If you thought that a neutral base wouldn't pop underneath velvet nail art, let this champagne-gold manicure prove you wrong.

Green Velvet Nails

Forest green nails are taken up a notch thanks to the addition of silver velvet nail art. This combination makes for the perfect holiday manicure.

Short Velvet Nails

Velvet nails don't have to be extra long to make an impact. This short, pink design pops against any skin tone, thanks to the mesmerizing velvet design.

Matte Blue Velvet Nails

The matte version of the velvet trend looks just like the piece of fabric being glued onto your nail.

Pink Velvet Nails

Pink velvet nails are like the Barbiecore version of the manicure and we can't get enough.

Crystal Velvet Nails

Matte velvet nails are the perfect canvas for additional nail art, as the shiny effect won't distract the eye from any 3D motifs like crystals.

Purple Velvet Nails

Just about any color looks good with a velvet manicure. Case in point? These purple nails.

Matte Orange Velvet Nails

Orange is already a striking color, add the matte velvet effect and you'll have a prime conversation started at your fingertips.

Coffin Velvet Nails

A good coffin nail shape can take a manicure to the next level but paired with a velvet design? You'll feel unstoppable.

Oval Velvet Nails

Oval nails are known for being soft and romantic, but when you pair them with velvet nail art, they become majestic.