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Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Collection Review

Victoria Beckham's Latest Beauty Collection Includes Lip Liners and a Universal Lip Tint

Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Collection Review

After nearly a year of anticipation, Victoria Beckham finally launched her beauty brand last month during London Fashion Week. Beckham's debut, direct-to-consumer collection was all about the eyes — aptly named the Smoky Eye Wardrobe — and was designed to help you re-create the designer's signature makeup look on your own. Although the initial launch only featured eye makeup, there was a promise from the beginning that Beckham was coming out with more products in the future (including skin care further down the line). Well, the future is now (we didn't have to wait that long), because Beckham just blessed us with a new launch: the Your Perfect Pout Lip Collection.

The lip collection features two new items — the Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Definer and the Bitten Lip Tint — both of which are meant to help you create the perfect nude lip, regardless of your skin and lip tone. "I've banged on for years and years and years about what is the perfect nude? And the other thing that's important to us as a brand is that we're really inclusive, so we've created six different lip liners so there is the perfect nude for everybody out there no mater what your skin tone is," Beckham said at the launch event in New York City. "Nobody loves lip liner more than Victoria Beckham," added Sarah Creal, cofounder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty.

While the pencil is available in six shades, the Just Bitten Lip Tint only comes in just one sheer, matte rosy hue, which the brand claims is universal. "It's a hydrating, gel-like tint — it's not a stain, it's not a gloss — that just gives a really natural finish, and it looks good on every skin tone," said Creal. The most important ingredient in the formula is hyaluronic acid, which helps plump up the lips ever so slightly without the stinging and tingling you get with most lip-plumping products.

"I try to blend my lip liner better than I used to when I was in the Spice Girls and I just tell myself it was a journey and it was fine, but it was way too heavy."

"I even like to use the tint on my cheeks, and sometimes I'll put a little on my lids and nose as well," said Beckham. "In fact, my husband told me off the other day because I was in the car, driving the kids to school, having a bit of a no-makeup day, and I pull out my Lip Tint and I put it on my lips and David [Beckham] said, 'You know you're not supposed to put your makeup on whilst you're driving the car.' I said that's how easy it is to apply for non-makeup artists."

Similar to her Smoky Eye Wardrobe, the new lip collection reveals some of Beckham's favorite makeup shades and techniques that she uses on herself. "I usually put the tint on first, then I take the lip liner — I normally use shade 2 or shade 3 — and I line around the outside of my lips a little bit. And I try to blend it better than I used to when I was in the Spice Girls and I just tell myself it was a journey and it was fine, but it was way too heavy," she laughed. "But yes, I've always loved lip liner because it makes your lips look just a little bit fuller."

The Victoria Beckham Your Perfect Pout Lip Collection is available at But first, keep reading to check out all the products before you shop.

— Additional reporting by Alanna Martine Kilkeary

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