This Elderly Couple's At-Home Hair-Salon Video Is the Wholesome Content We All Need

The great thing about having a lockdown partner at a time like this isn't just the comfort of having someone else around to help you eat up all your isolation snacks, it's also the convenience of basically being able to employ your own at-home stylist when you can't get to the salon. Take it from Twitter user Laura Maynard's grandparents who are currently going viral thanks to the sweetest video of the at-home hair salon they set up while isolating with each other.

In the video, Maynard's grandfather is seen finishing up a salon-worthy haircut on her grandmother as she admires her results in a hand mirror. "My granddad had to give my grams a haircut while they self isolate, but then they were having too much fun being hairdressers and made this," Maynard captioned the video. It's a short clip, but I've probably watched it about 50 times now, and I still can't tell what's more adorable: the giant shears in his hand or his butterfly apron. Watch the video above, and try not to crack a smile.