I Tried the Water Bottle Hair Curling Hack, and I Won't Say Goodbye to My Curlers


If you're familiar with the Instagram explore page and know your way around popular beauty accounts, you've probably come across the water bottle hair curling hack that's currently sweeping the internet. It appears the hack started in Asia, then found its way onto popular accounts such as @hotonbeauty. Even @hudabeauty did her own version, saying it curled her hair in less than one minute. So of course, we had to try it out for ourselves. Who doesn't want curled hair in one minute?

The technique

The aim of the hack is to trap the hair inside a water bottle, blowing in hot air and causing the hair to create a whirlpool type effect, creating quick and easy curls. To make the water bottle tool, cut out a hole in the side of the bottle big enough for a hair-dyer nozzle to fit through, then cut off the top of the water bottle, and voila, you're set. To begin the hack, place the hair into the top of the bottle, secure the nozzle inside the hole, and on a low heat and power setting, blast the hair for a few seconds. After releasing the hair, it should create a ringlet curl. Top tip: angling the nozzle upward slightly is key to getting the hair to whiz around the bottle rather than shooting straight out the top.

The outcome

It took me a fair few goes until I got the hang of things, but once I figured out the setting and technique (and called in a little help), it actually did work. However, the resulting curl wasn't particularly great. It definitely gave tight, ringlet-type curls on the very ends, but it knotted my hair a little since I have such long hair and also made it look a little dry (although that's probably just my cue for a trim). In my opinion, if you want an easy wave, you're better off spending the extra few minutes with your curling iron, but if you're looking for a little DIY fun, the hack definitely gives some twist to the hair.