Willow Smith's Massive New Arm Tattoo Is the Start of a Sleeve

We may need a calculator to fully appreciate Willow Smith's new tattoo, but this could be one equation that's unsolvable. On March 3, the "Meet Me at Our Spot" singer shared a photo of her massive new arm tattoo, inked by tattoo artist Raymond Jimenez. "My manzz @rayjtattoo did it AGAIN!! 🤯," Smith captioned a photo of the intricate design, the start of a blossoming tattoo sleeve. The extra-large tattoo, which takes up the majority of her upper left arm, is an image of a hand reaching up toward what looks like a swirling solar system overhead.

Is it a vortex? A black hole? A visual representation of the vast and hazy future? Maybe it's all of the above, but one thing we're sure about is the closer we look, the more complex the tattoo becomes. As the ink spirals from her shoulder and down around the outline of the hand, it trickles into a series of complicated mathematical equations, like notes from a scientist's overflowing whiteboard. Even if your high school calculus skills are up to par, the overlay of the equations, like impressions from a printed newspaper, are too jumbled to make sense of from a single photo. But we always appreciate a design that makes us look twice.

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