Willow Smith and Tyler Cole's "Meet Me at Our Spot" Has Taken Up Permanent Residence in My Head

Lately before bed, when I'm finally unplugged and alone with my thoughts, a few words will push to the forefront of my mind: "Caught a vibe / Baby, are you coming for the ride?"

A decade after her music debut, Willow Smith has unleashed another earworm. Released with Tyler Cole in 2020 under The Anxiety, the name of both their collaboration and album, "Meet Me at Our Spot" is a sludgy alternative track with emo undertones that hits at the zeitgeist and is pretty inescapable on TikTok.

The song is currently being used in many formats: there's people using it to soundtrack their last four summers, some have it playing while they try out a cartoon character filter, and others will sign the lyrics or strum along with a ukulele. The one common thread, however, is that the audio popular on TikTok is actually taken from a live performance of the song. Watch it ahead and enjoy a few examples of the live audio being used on TikTok.

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Watch Willow and Tyler Cole Perform "Meet Me at Our Spot" Live

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