This Woman Gave Her Husband a Quarantine Haircut, and It Went Exactly How You'd Expect

With hair salons closed around the country and hairstylists not currently taking appointments, we're all just trying our best when it comes to fulfilling our beauty needs right now. That means taking the reins and becoming our own stylists for treatments like manicures, pedicures, and even haircuts, although the latter can sometimes prove to not work out so well. Take it from this couple from Ohio who recently shared a video of themselves attempting an at-home haircut that went about as well as you'd expect.

In the video, Emily Pendergast gives her husband, Cory, a haircut in the pair's bathroom while he attempts to coach her through it using what appears to be a video tutorial on his phone. From Pendergast admitting she was using the wrong scissors — it looks like she's using a pair of crafting scissors — to her husband's commentary ("Honey, that's too much!"), the clip is a hilarious reminder of why we leave these things to the pros when we can.

Watch the couple's full video above to see how the haircut turned out.