There Are No Rules With the Y2K Nail-Art Trend — We Spy Flames, Cheetah Print, Glitter, and More

First, we were obsessed with the '90s and all of the beauty trends the decade had to offer but recently, things have shifted. Now, it's easy to see that everything Y2K-related (that's "the year 2000") is taking over on social media. You could say it's the natural progression of things.

From butterfly clips to frosty blue eyeshadow and glossy lips, we can't get enough, but hands down our favorite way to pay tribute to the 2000s is with Y2K-inspired nail art. Anything goes, which is the best part about this nail trend. Our favorite designs incorporate an assortment of flames, checkered print, pink hearts, rainbow hues, swirly lines, and cheetah print — oh, and don't forget lots of glitter. The "messier" and more over the top the better.

Some manicurists have even taken to hand-painting characters and toys from the early aughts, like Furby and Tamagotchi, while others are throwing it back to the spray-paint aesthetic many of us wore on T-shirts and sweatpants (and pretty much anything else we could get writing on).

To get more inspiration for the Y2K nail-art trend and bookmark ideas for your next manicure, keep scrolling.