The Best Commercial For Concealer, Ever

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Dermablend has long been known for its heavy-duty cover-up, but this commercial really cements its reputation. In it, an average-looking guy slowly reveals himself to be tattoo-covered model "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest. His name might not be immediately familiar, but Genest's tattoos should be. He's the guy with the full-body skeleton tattoos from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video, and it's really impressive to see him look so "normal" (although his gaze is still rather intense. Hellooo, nurse!).

There's no airbrushing, and the whole video was done in a single take. Dermablend said it took three makeup artists and four tubes of Dermablend Leg and Body Cover, along with Leg and Body Tattoo primer and setting powder, to take Genest from sexy zombie to cute, if not as remarkable, dude. Watch it and you'll never doubt the power of concealer again.