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Avengers Endgame Cast Read Kids Book on Jimmy Kimmel Video

After Watching This, You'll Want to Sign My Petition to Make Avengers Story Time a Thing

Jimmy Kimmel thought Avengers: Infinity War was very dramatic, but he was worried about how kids would cope with the current story, confessing "while children love superheros, I'm not sure how they feel about intergalactic genocide." With this in mind, he decided to make a child-friendly version titled "Twas the Mad Titan Thanos" and had the Avengers cast do a very special bedtime reading.

The story started well, as "Thanos tore through them like a discount piñatas," and everyone seemed to be enjoying the book, but it wasn't long before Jeremy Renner pointed out the slight plot issues and said, "they should have just called me, could have got this done real quick." Fair enough. There was also particular annoyance with some of the rhyming words. Don Cheadle in particular got hung up on the details, such as the "Groot" and "Soot" rhyming situation, and to be honest, we don't really blame him.

Chris Hemsworth wasn't massively convinced by the plot, but it sure does make for an entertaining story time, even if he did end his chapter with "this book is sh*t." Watch the full video above, and if you do decide to watch this with your kids, thank goodness the bad stuff is bleeped out.

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