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Barely Famous Interview With Sara and Erin Foster (Video)

Love Candidly Nicole? Barely Famous Is About to Be Your New Favorite Faux-Reality Show

Pop culture junkies will already recognize the two stars of the mockumentary-style reality show Barely Famous: actor Sara Foster played Jen Clark on the new 90210, while her sister, writer and comedian Erin Foster, is a frequent guest on her friend Nicole Richie's own series, Candidly Nicole. In fact, the siblings' new series has some echoes of Candidly Nicole, as it skewers celebrity culture with the help of Sarah and Erin's famous friends; in the first handful of episodes, Courteney Cox, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Richie all make cameos. Sara and Erin recently stopped by our LA studios to talk about the "absurd" cult of celebrity in LA and to talk about the show's unique concept. Barely Famous premieres tonight at 9:30/8:30 Central on VH1.

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