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Ben Stein Calls Barack Obama Racist | Video

Ben Stein Calls Barack Obama the "Most Racist President There Has Ever Been"

Former game-show star Ben Stein is causing quite a bit of controversy after he called President Barack Obama the "most racist president there has ever been in America" during an appearance on Fox News on Monday. The political commentator made his strange remarks while discussing the Democrats' strategy as they head into the midterm elections. While discussing budget cuts and the focus on Americans' concern on the economy, Ben said:

"More people are on food stamps than ever. More people are getting welfare than ever. What cuts are they talking about? And what cuts are they talking about. More people getting government subsidized health care than ever. What cuts are they talking about? It's all a way to racialize voting in this country. This president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans. Anyone who investigates it even a little bit knows it's hogwash."

You can also watch Ben's full conversation above.

While Ben may be best known as the former star of Win Ben Stein's Money and for his cameo in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, he is actually a very vocal conservative and worked as a speechwriter for presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. This is also not the first time he has made headlines with his controversial opinions. Back in 2011, Ben wrote a widely criticized op-ed for conservative magazine The American Spectator in the wake of IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest for sexual assault and attempted rape in NYC. In the article, Ben scrutinized the background of Dominique's accuser and claimed that Dominique couldn't have committed the crime because he was too well-educated and wealthy.

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