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Best "Anaconda" Choreography Videos

Awesome "Anaconda" Dance Routines You Need to See

Best "Anaconda" Choreography Videos

There's been an insane amount of awesome "Anaconda" routines to hit the Internet over the past few months, so we've rounded up all the must-see choreography to the Nicki Minaj song. There was 11-year-old Taylor Hatala's take, which went so viral that she ended up on Ellen DeGeneres's show. And then there was the dance class that collaborated on a routine, plus the two male choreographers who dominated Tumblr with their awesome moves. Take a look at the best of the best "Anaconda" choreography, including one special routine that may have you laughing out loud.

Jeffrey Caluag and Dimitri Mendez's choreography took Tumblr by storm in early September, blowing everyone away thanks to their impressive moves.

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