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Chelsea Handler Instagram Post About Her Brother July 2017

Chelsea Handler Urges People to "Live a Little" on Anniversary of Her Brother's Death

Chelsea Handler opened up about the death of older brother, Chet, in a heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday. "33 years ago this month my brother Chet died," she wrote alongside two old family photos. "He was 22, and the oldest of six kids. We were never six again. Only five. The number was never the right number again." Chelsea was just 9 years old when her brother fell off a cliff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and died. Even though she's previously touched on how traumatic the accident was for her and her family, she added that it actually taught her to appreciate life that much more. "Because of that day, I learned how to live and love and laugh and to: Show up Stand up Love up Argue Fight Make up Show up again," she continued. "Go to bat for people. Tell them you love them. Defend your friends. Stand up for yourself. Give away the things you have in excess. Give away the things you love the most. This is the only chance we get. Make it count. Live a little." Well said, Chelsea.

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