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Chris Evans at His 20-Year High School Reunion Pictures

Ha! Chris Evans Really Wore a Name Tag to His High School Reunion, as If He Needed 1

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 22:  Chris Evans attends the World Premiere of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz

While Avengers: Endgame was busy racking up billions of dollars at the box office this past weekend, Chris Evans was attending his high school's 20-year reunion. Yep, Chris — undoubtedly one of the film's biggest stars and an overall huge name in Hollywood — decided to pay his former Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School classmates a visit at Conrad's Restaurant in Boston on May 4.

According to, Chris is currently filming his upcoming Apple TV series, Defending Jacob, in the city and RSVP'd for the reunion at the last minute. Donna Scott, one of the managers at the restaurant who worked the event, said Chris appeared to be enjoying himself as he socialized with attendees. "Many people wanted to take pictures with him," she told the outlet. "Everyone was pretty excited that he was there." Donna also said that other members of the staff were excited to be in the presence of Captain America. "I know one of my waiters heard that he was in there," she added. "And he has two young boys, so he purposely made a point to come into the room to ask if he could take a photo with him."

In a photo taken from the event, Chris poses alongside a former schoolmate, and he's actually wearing a name tag. One Twitter user took note of it, writing, "Chris Evans attending his 20 year high school reunion and writing 'Chris' on his little name tag the same weekend Endgame becomes the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time feels like the Chris Evansiest thing to ever Chris Evans."

Oh, and turns out that the classmate he took the photo with, John Cavooto, is a creative writer who has penned a number of comics and graphic novels. Basically, this entire situation is the definition of "irony" and gives us another reason to absolutely love Chris.

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