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Chris Pratt Sees Katherine's Relationship Prediction 2019

Chris Pratt Is Shocked to See Fiancée Katherine Mention Him in an Old Interview

Can you imagine naming a celebrity crush, then finding yourself engaged to said crush a little over a year later? Well, that's pretty much what happened to Katherine Schwarzenegger. During an August 2017 interview with Access, Katherine was asked which Hollywood Chris she was into, and after naming Chris Evans, she quickly changed her mind and mentioned Chris Pratt. "Chris Pratt has been looking good lately, so you never know," she said.

Um, you never know, indeed! Fast forward a year and a half and the pair is officially engaged. Wild, right? Well, Chris would agree. When the actor recently appeared on Access to promote The Lego Movie 2 alongside Elizabeth Banks, the interviewer showed him the clip of Katherine's comments, and he was shocked. As in, jaw-drop shocked.

"When she said Chris Evans, my heart sank," he said. "And then she rescued it!" Visibly excited, Chris added, "That's so sweet. I literally have never seen that before so thank you for showing me that. I'm really moved." Check out his adorable reaction in the video above, then take a look at Katherine's stunning engagement ring, which she basically spoke into existence.

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