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Dave Franco and Alison Brie Cute Pictures

19 Photos of Hollywood Funny Couple Alison Brie and Dave Franco

Dave Franco and Alison Brie Cute Pictures

It's widely accepted that a sense of humor is one of the most attractive things about a person, so Dave Franco and Alison Brie must be extremely attracted to each other. The two hilarious (and, incidentally, very good-looking) actors got married in 2017 after getting engaged in 2015.

In November 2021, Brie opened up to People about married life at the "Disaster Artist" AFI Fest screening in Los Angeles. "Something about being married made me feel so settled, almost more free, I guess, rather than like trapped," she told the publication. "It's great. So now, let's go do whatever we want. Onward and upward."

The duo recently collaborated on a movie, "Somebody I Used to Know." Brie stars in the film while Franco serves as director, and the pair wrote the screenplay together during COVID-19 lockdown. It's the second time Franco's directed Brie after 2020's "The Rental."

The duo really seem like a Hollywood match made in heaven: Brie has been cracking us up since "Community," and Franco has been our low-key funny-guy crush since a bit part in "Superbad" turned into bigger roles in the Neighbors movies and more. Every time we see these two out together, they seem like they're having so much fun — and super in love. Here are some of the cutest pictures of Franco and Brie that would make you hate them if you didn't love them so much.

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