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Ellen Pompeo Halloween Instagram With Faces

Ellen Pompeo's Family Costumes Aren't the Creepiest Thing About This Photo

Halloween has come and gone, but we have to admit, we're still a little spooked! On Sunday, Ellen Pompeo shared a snap of her and her husband, Chris Ivery, dressed up as vampires with their daughter, Stella — but she wasn't showing off their costumes! She captioned the picture: "This is a private family photo that I decided to share because of what appeared in the image..." If you look closely at the top left of the image, there appear to be two faces on the facade of the house they are standing in front of. One angry looking expression facing the left and another more sad face turned towards the right. Ellen clarified on Twitter that the house was actually vacant and that the images were not added by herself or the person who snapped the shot. Do you see the faces? What do you make of the creepy photo?

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