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Will Ferrell Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts Video

Will Ferrell Goes to Extreme Lengths to Get James Corden to Eat a Turkey Testicle

We thought John Hamm chowing down on a bull penis would never be topped, but in what could quite possibly be the grossest-ever episode of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,", James Corden was joined by Will Ferrell at a table full of delights that included fish eyes, giant water scorpions, and the ever-present cow tongue. The rules are simple: you either answer a tough question, or eat your competitor's choice of disgusting food, and it's safe to say these guys did not hold back. James clearly didn't know who he was up against when he invited Will to play: the Holmes and Watson actor made light work of a shot of sausage juice containing a raw clam, and even went in for seconds on some ant yogurt. As for James, let's just say he'll probably pay more attention to people's surnames in the future . . . and he probably won't look at a Christmas turkey in quite the same way this year. Watch the whole game unfold above, but be warned: you probably won't want to press play if you've just eaten.

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