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Funny Kid Dancing Like a Diva on the News | Video

Watch One Boy Unleash His Sassy Dance Moves on Live TV

When it comes to dancing in the background, no one will be able to top this guy. A legging-clad boy, now identified as 15-year-old Lady Gaga fan Brendan Jordan, became a viral sensation over the weekend when he broke out into an impromptu dance routine while milling around in the background of a shot on KLAS, a local Las Vegas affiliate, while they were filming at the opening of a new shopping center. See, it wasn't just the little guy's dance moves that got everyone's attention, it was also the perfectly sassy (and perfectly appropriate) stank face he shot his less-fabulous peers who were dancing alongside him. If Brendan's Twitter feed is anything to go off of, he is clearly enjoying his newfound viral fame, but he does want to clear up one particularly vicious rumor:

Watch the original broadcast video above, and see an extended version of his skills below. And don't forget to check out more must-see viral videos!

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