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Jennifer Lopez and Milo Ventimiglia on The Tonight Show 2018

I Could Watch Milo Ventimiglia Grab a Handful of Guacamole on a Loop and Never Stop Laughing

You never know what to expect when you play a game on The Tonight Show. That's what Jennifer Lopez and Milo Ventimiglia learned while promoting their film Second Act on Tuesday night. Jennifer first joined Jimmy for a few rounds of "Can You Feel It?," a game where each person had to identify an object hidden in a box. While J Lo and Jimmy had their fair share of dramatic reactions to the secret items (the "Dinero" singer thoroughly dismantled a tiny snowman), things took an even funnier turn when Milo joined in.

The This Is Us actor plays J Lo's husband in their film, so it's only natural he showed up to lend her emotional support amidst this guessing game. During the last round, he vowed to go "all in" and rapidly stuck his hand into a bowl of guacamole, alongside Jimmy and Jennifer. While those two quickly realized what they'd touched, Milo looked like he may have seen a ghost or remembered he left the slow cooker on, as he took a full 10 seconds and a handful of avocado to recollect himself. The memorable moment starts at the six-minute mark, but you'd be better off watching the video in full. You can thank me later.

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