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Joan Rivers Ends CNN Interview With Fredricka Whitfield

Joan Rivers Tells a CNN Anchor to "Shut Up" Before Walking Out on Her Interview

TV journalists take note: if Joan Rivers doesn't like your questions, she'll tell you off and leave. That's what happened when Joan, 81, sat down for a chat with CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield on Saturday. The segment kicked off on a light note, with Fredricka highlighting Joan's storied career and accomplishments. Then Fredricka mentioned Joan's "mean" comments about celebrities on E!'s Fashion Police, and the conversation soon went off the rails. Watch the video above to hear the tense exchange, which Fredricka initially thought was all a joke.

Source: CNN

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pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 3 years

Yes, the interviewer is fake as hell, but Joan Rivers seems to have thin skin. She is okay when she criticized celebrities' fashion and people mentioning her achievements. But when she is asked to defend herself she stormed out of the set like a child. And I actually think she is funny and admired her after her documentary...


How about this an old Joan got her own medicine. And it was delivered to her by CNN anchor))!

Rosannasfriend Rosannasfriend 3 years

I was wondering too if she was serious. So hypocritical of her to not expect these questions and pitch a fit.

Rosannasfriend Rosannasfriend 3 years

ok, since being a bitch is funny, you probably are a transvestite....

Now laugh!

Rosannasfriend Rosannasfriend 3 years

Joan is a liar. She doesn't just insult clothing, she insults people's looks while talking about their clothing too. Talking about weight, etc.

She's a very weak comedian if she thinks the ONLY type of humor is the nasty one. Too bad for her. She has very limited material.

koolkatt17 koolkatt17 3 years

I don't get it ... Joan Rivers is not funny , never was i don't see anything wrong with the questions asked . everyone knows that this thing is an awful excuse for a human being . She hides her hatred and misery by insulting others using her so called comedy as an excuse . And that sammy7 ... please give me a break you need to lighten up ... you want comedy Rivers to me is the last person to get it from . As nasty as she is .. she just showed she has ZERO sense of humor ! she loves to dish it out to others but obviously she can't take it ! .... Her time has passed .. it's done and over with please let the actual funny comedians have their moments . She needs to go away now ..LOL. she doesn't even look like a human anymore ..LOL. she look like a "THING" !!!The only funny thing about her is that frozen ugly mug of hers ... and she has the gull to call others ugly .....Please ... have you seen how she dresses ? again she has the nerve to call others out on their fashion sense ... whatever ! when i want a good laugh Rivers is the last person i will listen to ! Again SHE IS NOT FUNNY PEOPLE ...SHE is JUST a racist hiding behind what she calls comedy ! Welcome to america folks .. where racism and hatred still lives on . @sammy7 and @sandee cohn I'm actually cracking up as i write this . you see i have a sense of humor Honey... !

1406251 1406251 3 years

I don't blame Joan. I would've been angry too, and normally I find Joan mean. But hasn't the interviewer heard the term kill them with kindness? And her passive aggressive
speech about wondering if Joan was serious or not ticked me off. A**** reporter.

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