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Jonah Hill Awkward French Interview September 2016 Video

You Can't Watch Jonah Hill Get Burned in This Interview Without Squirming

Jonah Hill is currently on a promotional tour for his new movie, War Dogs, and while it's mostly been glamorous red carpet appearances and run-of-the-mill media interviews, his latest appearance on a French TV show was indescribably awkward. During an interview on Le Grand Journal on Friday, the show's host, Ornella Fleury, poked fun at the actor and his usually handsome costars. "It's when I saw you get sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon in This Is the End that I told myself, now that's the man of my dreams!" she said, before he replied, "And you? I hear you get sodomized pretty often." She then continued, "Anyway, that's why I have a sexual fantasy with you, Jonah. All I said is 'sexual fantasy,' and you guys laugh. Guess I don't need to finish the joke."

She then delivered the final blow, saying, "My sexual fantasy would be that we'd meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you'd make me laugh; you'd make me laugh a lot. And then all of a sudden, you'd bring your friends [Leonardo] DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and then you'd go away." Looking visibly annoyed, Jonah responded with a blow of his own, saying, "I'm glad I came to this show to get ridiculed by a local weather girl — it's nice." Ornella has since apologized for her comments, saying she thought she was just joking around with friends, after Jonah reportedly canceled the rest of his French press for the movie. See if you get can get through the whole thing in the video above!

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