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Kristen Bell Tweets About Seat Warmers

The Funniest Celebrity Tweets of the Week

For Kristen Bell, there's a fine line between being warm and feeling like you're having an oopsie. That line was clearly crossed this week when Kristen tweeted about a special sensation. In other topical tweets, Kat Dennings only had one request . . . er, demand after cohosting the People's Choice Awards with Beth Behrs, and Olivia Wilde has a theory about Sophia Vergara's real parents (hint: mom has red hair and dad plays the conga). Check out all that and more in this week's favorite funny tweets!

Ah, the downsides of being stuck in a car in the cold.

Nothing like a good pie to celebrate, Kat.

Sofia certainly has their comedic chops and good looks.

Mindy has a message about her controversial cover.

That sounds more like a threat, Seth.

Color Jimmy disappointed.

Aisha got a whiff of Fierce.

Preach, Ellen.

It must be exhausting, Sarah.

What happened after that, Chrissy?

How did you make up for it?

You could have hidden in the bathroom.

We wonder if Elizabeth will download the Lyft app.

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