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Kristen Stewart on Conan April 2015 | Video

Kristen Stewart Jokes About the Time She Channeled Justin Bieber

When Kristen Stewart sat down with Conan on Wednesday, he mentioned her appearance in Jenny Lewis's "Just One of the Guys" music video, and she couldn't help but laugh when he noted that she resembled a certain singer. He showed a clip of the video, which came out last July, and in it, she's seen showing off her dancing skills while rocking a snapback hat and athleticwear. After watching the clip, Conan asked Kristen, "Were you channeling who I think you were channeling for that? It felt like you were doing a Justin Bieber." Although the star didn't confirm who exactly inspired her performance, she did jokingly reply, "In his dreams!" She also shared how starstruck she was when she met Robert Redford at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Watch Kristen's chat with Conan above, and then check out all the different roles she's played over the years.

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