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Kylie Jenner High Snapchat Video

Kylie Jenner Explains What She Really Says in That Snapchat Video

Kylie Jenner is setting the record straight about a strange Snapchat clip. The controversy started on Wednesday after Kylie shared a video that shows her mumbling something to the person next to her as they appear to be flying on a plane. Many people have speculated that she says, "I'm high as f*ck," while others have said it's too difficult to make out what she says. The Snapchat video, which only lasted for a short period of time on the app before being deleted, was saved and uploaded to an Instagram account called kylizzlesnapchats. While some Instagram users commented on the video that Kylie was definitely high on marijuana, others defended her, saying that, if she was on a plane, she was, quite literally, high.

On Saturday, Kylie came to her own defense on Twitter, saying she was merely talking about chicken.

The reality star also addressed speculation about whether or not she is still in school. When one of her followers asked if she will graduate from high school this year, Kylie replied, "Yes. 1 more month."

Additional reporting by Nick Maslow

Image Source: Getty/Samir Hussein
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