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Selena Gomez's Birthday Shark Tank Surprise From Her Friends

Watch Selena Gomez Absolutely Lose Her Sh*t Over Her Shark Tank Birthday Surprise

A surprise visit to a Shark Tank taping? Selena Gomez is in — to say the least. The singer and actress recently celebrated her 27th birthday while vacationing in Rome, but it was the priceless gift from two of her friends that seemed to really take the cake. In a candid Instagram video of Selena receiving the news on Monday, the TV screen plays a personally recorded video from entrepreneur and Shark Tank panel member Mark Cuban, who said, "I just want to say happy 27th birthday. Enjoy! I hope you have many, many more. Thank you for watching." Though she freaked out about the video message alone, Selena really lost it when she realized she'd actually be visiting the set for a taping this September. Watch the too-pure moment above.

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