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Seth Meyers and Retta Day Drinking Video

This Hilarious Video of Seth Meyers and Retta Day Drinking Will Make You Feel Day Drunk, Too

Seth Meyers got together with Retta for what we're going to assume is a segment for Late Night, but really they may have just wanted to get hammered during the day (because who doesn't with the month we've had?). Basically, the host and former Parks and Recreation star had our dream weekday, which is taking shots and chugging Champagne while talking about our favorite TV shows and making up cocktail recipes based on those TV shows. While drinking the day away at the Ascent Lounge in NYC, Retta and Seth toasted to 2017, concocted drinks inspired by Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and came up with a few . . . interesting theme songs for This Is Us, Black Mirror, and Timeless. Watch the hilarious video now — you'll be laughing so hard that it'll feel like you're tipsy, too.

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