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Will Smith Borrows Money From Fan Story on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Biggest Reason Will Smith Loves Being Will Smith Is Because Fans Will Pay For His Gas

Did you know that if your car is on empty and you don't have your wallet on you, people will just offer to pay for your tank of gas? No? That's probably because you're not Will Smith. "Do you enjoy being Will Smith? Is it a burden?" Jimmy Kimmel asked the Collateral Beauty star when he stopped by his show on Monday night. "I've met a lot of people where fame can be a burden, but I just love it, man," Will laughed, before telling the host a hilarious story about a fan who had no problem helping him out of a sticky situation recently at a gas station. Now if you don't mind us, we're going to go figure out how to become famous ASAP (have you seen gas prices lately?!).

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