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Twerking Teaching Assistant Jessica Vanessa | Video

This Woman Traded Teaching For Twerking and Makes 6 Figures a Year

A former teaching assistant has found fame and fortune after posting videos of her twerking on Vine. In a profile of Jessica Vanessa, the 22-year-old Florida resident not only shows off her bootylicious moves, but also discusses how she's raking in a six-figure salary, thanks to fans who can't get enough of her videos. "What I make in six seconds would take me, like, four months to make as a pre-K teacher at work," she said, explaining why she gave up on her career in education. "I don't want to necessarily say my income, but I can tell you this: I bought a new car, paid it off in full, and I was able to get out of debt from my school that I graduated from." The transition to Internet video star has come with its share of downsides, though. Jessica said she's been the target of online bullies, who have shared harsh comments on her posts. "How can I have 1.9 million followers and feel this alone?" she said, fighting back tears. Still, it's not going to stop her from twerking. Check out Jessica's moves in the video above, and then get caught up on the latest viral videos.

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