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You Are Not a Brand

It's almost the end of 2016. And that means it's time to do the thing we always do: reflect on who we are and more importantly, who we want to be in the next year.

A lot of self-help books, leadership gurus, and social media motivational will tell you to focus more on the brand of you. They'll tell you to decide how you want to be perceived in the world and encourage you to spend a lot of time crafting your social media and your resume and your wardrobe and everything about you to project one single, clear message to the world.

Ultimately, they'll tell you that need to be as diligent with your personal brand as a company is with theirs. That's the key to better relationships, better jobs and an overall better life.

Well here's my deep, well researched response to that philosophy:

Girl, bye.

I am tired of thinking of myself, my life and everything that I do as if I'm a product. Because I'm not. And neither are you.

That thinking has led to so many people being stuck in old ways of thinking, relationships and even careers that are out of line with their purpose. It leaves people so afraid about how their next move aligns with some preconceived notion of who they said they were that they never . end up making it. And that is ultimately a recipe for inauthenticity and unhappiness.

Check out my new video that frees you from the pressure to craft your public image into some perfect personal brand and instead, shift some of that time into the "business" of actually being you.

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