Alex Rodriguez Does His Best Jennifer Lopez, and All We Can Say Is, "Macho's Got Moves"

Watching Alex Rodriguez do his best imitation of Jennifer Lopez as part of the #WorldOfDanceAgain challenge is not something I knew I needed until now. On Tuesday, J Lo shared a side-by-side clip of the two dancing to her song "Dance Again," using her nickname for ARod in her caption, writing, "Machos got moves!!!!" While the pair completed the challenge as part of promotion for Jennifer's show World of Dance, they are certainly no strangers to various dance challenges.

It's clear that the couple enjoy some fun competition as part of their at-home routine. As ARod stated, "I'm thankful to have the best teacher to help me with my #WorldOfDanceAgain Challenge!" Here's hoping that means more dancing from the couple in the future — I need to see ARod's best "Jenny From the Block." Watch the full clip ahead.