Billy Eichner Is Still Best Friends With the First Person He Came Out to, 27 Years Later

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Billy Eichner, 44, and Luke Macfarlane, 42, are laying it all on the table. While promoting their new rom-com, "Bros," the two actors recently sat down with POPSUGAR to play a round of "FLIP/SIDE" in which they tackled sets of opposing (and personal) questions.

To kick things off, Eichner and Macfarlane were asked about the first thing they look for in a partner. "Sense of humor," Macfarlane replies. Meanwhile, Eichner quips, "Hot face." They were then asked about their biggest relationship red flags and the first friend they ever came out to. "The first friend I came out to was and is still my best friend to this day. My friend Heath, we came out to each other at the same time right after we graduated high school," Eicher reveals. "He's still my best friend to this day, 27 years later."

They also talked about the first dating technology they ever used, the first time they felt represented in the media, the best part about working with other queer people, and, on the flip side, the hardest part about working with other queer people. At one point, Jim Parsons also gets dragged into the conversation.

Watch Eichner and Macfarlane answer all our questions above and make sure to check out "Bros," which is out in theaters now.