Britney Spears's Spitfire Spirit, Explained by an Astrologer

If you're a '90s baby (or a lover of all things Y2K), you're likely aware of the astronomical impact Britney Spears has had on pop culture. Between dropping iconic hits like "...Baby One More Time," setting the tone for today's Y2K fashion trends, and starring in Shonda Rhimes's pivotal movie "Crossroads," the Grammy Award-winning singer has proven to be a multifaceted talent who never goes out of style. After the resolution in her highly publicized court case, which was finalized in November 2021, fans and supporters continue to voice their support for the Free Britney movement, and the buzz surrounding the "Piece of Me" singer has yet to settle as she starts the next phase of her life following her conservatorship battle. While her next moves are still pending, it's clear there's no shortage of support for the singer's freedom and well-being.

The pop-star lifestyle makes Spears no stranger to the public eye, so you might think you know everything there is to know about the "Toxic" singer, but astrology suggests there's more to the feisty Sagittarius than meets the eye. POPSUGAR chatted with TikTok astrologer Astrodim to reveal the layers of Spears's birth chart and learn more about this iconic woman.

The Big 3

In astrology, your big three encompass your inner planets — your sun, moon, and ascendant. Think of these planets as the baseline of who you are, how you portray yourself, and how others see you. Since Spears's birth time is publicly available, we have access to her full birth chart, which allows us to get the full scope of her astrology.

Sagittarius Sun

Your sun placement is generally what people think of when they think of their astrological sign. It represents your core identity, including your mannerisms and quirks, and the ways in which others see you. Spears is a Sagittarius sun, meaning she's ambitious and adventurous, and she needs space to be her own person.

"People born under Sag energy crave freedom and express themselves based off of the passions they have from within," Astrodim tells POPSUGAR. "This is why astrology enthusiasts were heartbroken to hear of her past conservatorship that was blocking her from that very freedom." What's more, Sagittarians are typically positive people who tend to get their way, which could explain why the "Lucky" singer has found such massive stardom.

Aquarius Moon

Your inner self, including your emotional responses and intuition, is represented by your moon sign. This layer is more personal, so it might not be so obvious to fans or people who don't know Spears on an intimate level. Spears's moon sign is rebellious, forward-thinking Aquarius, who tend to be a little detached from their emotions and very focused on the welfare of society.

"People with Aquarius moons find it important to keep the family unit strong but may feel they have to have a detached approach to their emotions in order to do so," Astrodim explains. "As most air-sign moons, Aquarius moons often feel they have to apply logic to their emotions so it can make sense to them." In Spears's case, her classic "Dump Him" T-shirt embodies the icy attitude of an Aquarius moon.

Libra Rising

In your birth chart, your ascendant sign, also known as your rising sign, is your portrayal of yourself in social situations. Think your go-to outfit or how you act when you're hosting a party. Britney's rising sign is in the socialite air sign, Libra, which rules all things lavish, romantic, and bubbly. With her signature pink and flirty ensembles, Britney's aesthetic has consistently given total Libra vibes throughout her reign in the music industry.

"Libra's planetary chart ruler is Venus, the planet of love, romance, arts, and money. Her love of music and dance is definitely shown in this part of her chart, as well as her charm," Astrodim says. "Libra risings always appreciate one-on-one relationships, and they often learn about themselves through these relationships. Balance and harmony is needed in these folks' lives in order for them to succeed and thrive."

Personal Planets

In addition to your big three, your birth chart also consists of your personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. These signs rule over areas like your relationship habits, your level of ambition, and even your mindset, so knowing how they work in accordance with your other placements helps you gain more insight into how the heavenly bodies are at play.

Sagittarius Mercury

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and mindset. This planet is most recognizable in how we express ourselves through writing and speech, but it also dictates your mentality. Like her sun sign, Spears's Mercury is in the freedom-loving Sagittarius, so she's direct and honest when it comes to how she expresses herself through lyrics and interviews. Over the decades that she's been in the public eye, Spears has always been bold in calling it how she sees it.

"When it comes to communication, Britney can be a spitfire, and we are seeing it in regards to her recent posts responding to her family," Astrodim says. "People with Sagittarius Mercuries are the seekers of truth with Jupiter ruling philosophies, beliefs, and cultures, so they cannot help but to be speakers of truth as well."

Virgo Mars

Mars is the planet that handles things like impulses, ambition, and even aggression. This placement shows up typically in competition, at work, and when we're reaching for our goals. Spears's Mars sign is in the meticulous and deeply organized sign of Virgo. These signs are known for being put together and always ready for life's unpredictability.

"They strive to do everything with efficiency and will try and try again until the mission is complete," Astrodim says. "People with this placement are not afraid of practice at all. This can explain how Britney tirelessly practiced her performances when she was touring." And though these signs tend to be well-rehearsed and meticulously studied, Astrodim says, "People with Virgo in Mars are more open-minded than people give them credit for."

Capricorn Venus

Venus is the ruler of all things beauty, art, love, and money. This beneficent planet shows up in relationships, in friendships, and everywhere love and compassion are poured into. Spears's Venus sign is in the practical-minded and disciplined sign of Capricorn, so she takes matters of money and matters of the heart equally seriously.

"Britney's Venus sign implies she loves to have control but also respects authority," Astrodim says. "People with this placement also find it very important to have authority over their money and possessions. Being brave and fighting for the right to have control over her life and estate is a representation of her Venus in Capricorn."