There's Some Major Astrological Energy Behind Chloe Bailey's Confidence

Chloe Bailey (who also goes by Chlöe), who is famously known for being one half of the sister duo Chloe x Halle, broke the internet in late 2021 when she released her solo debut single, "Have Mercy." The body-positive anthem is a reminder to appreciate our assets and celebrate our bodies regardless of criticisms from others. Remaining confident amidst the negative chatter has become thematic for Chloe, and she's passing on the message of self-assurance through her music along with transparent videos in which she's been open about her struggles with accepting her body. The talented Cancer is proving to be more than a sensitive heart, and instead looks like a bonafide powerhouse in the music industry, and we're definitely here for it.

A scroll through Chloe's social media feed will give you a taste of who the singer is, but if you're an astrology-lover, we're here to provide a celestial perspective. POPSUGAR spoke to TikTok astrologer Astrodim to venture into Chloe Bailey's birth chart, and here's what we found.

Sun and Moon

Our birth charts are multilayered with different celestial bodies. Our "big three" is comprised of our sun, moon, and rising placements that dictate things about our inner selves, emotions, and social masks. Unfortunately, we can't confirm Chloe's birth time, so there's no way to know what her rising sign is, but we can still paint a picture of her astrological identity.

Sun in Cancer

When it comes to our core being, our essence, our sun sign embodies most of the qualities we can identify in others and vice versa. It's one of the most visible and noticeable placements in our charts besides our rising signs. Chloe's sun sign is in sweet and sensitive Cancer, which makes sense if you watched her Global Citizen performance with her sister, Halle, where she teared up, overwhelmed by all the love on the stage. Being able to freely express emotions is a staple for water signs like Cancers.

"The more Cancer suns [lean on their emotions], the more they shine, which is perfect for Chloe's music creation," Astrodim told POPSUGAR. "This could explain why Chloe is so passionate in her performances as well as why she often sheds a tear or two while performing."

Moon in Libra

Our inner selves, including our emotional responses, are represented by our moon signs. Because this planet is so private, it's not always obvious or visible to anyone besides those closest to us. For Chloe, her moon sign is stationed in balanced and sociable Libra. These air signs are all about justice and equality, so when it comes to emotional responses, it's likely Chloe gives others the benefit of the doubt instead of responding super emotionally.

"Libra Moons naturally react to the world more passively, not because they are afraid, but because it's important for them to understand both sides and to be fair," Astrodim explained. "They want to promote peace. You can see this in Chloe when she continuously tries to diffuse situations between her fans, other folks, and even other artists on Twitter."

Air signs tend to keep a safe distance from their emotions and rather analyze them logically, although Libras can be more emotionally open than their air sign counterparts. This could explain why Chloe's very open about sharing her feelings with her friends and fans on social media, being that Libras are so social.

Personal Planets

Along with our sun and moon signs, birth charts also contains personal planets. These placements include our Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs, which represent different aspects of our personality, including our self-expression, ambition, and even fashion sense.

Mercury in Leo

In astrology, Mercury represents our communication style and our mindset. It's visible in how we express ourselves through writing and casual conversations. This placement can be seen most through Chloe's songwriting, which is powerful, confident, and unapologetic. That's why it's probably not super surprising that Chloe's Mercury is in the self-assured sign of Leo (um, have you seen the music video for "Have Mercy"?).

In a recent video for Genius, Chloe revealed that "Have Mercy" was a response to the comments she was receiving about her "doing too much" and showing off her body for the sole purpose of getting attention. She bites back with ultra-sexy attire and killer moves — on brand for someone with a Leo Mercury.

"People with Mercury in Leo are naturally creative and love showing the world what they are made of," Astrodim said. "This could explain Chloe's new social media presence, especially with her showing the process of creating her music."

Venus in Gemini

Venus is the planet in our birth chart that represents beauty, romance, and expression of art and aesthetics. This is usually manifested within our relationships, including how we give and receive love, but it's also visible in our sense of personal style. Chloe's glam is typically sensual, colorful, and eclectic.

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, so when it comes to romance, it's likely that Chloe is attracted to intellect, knowledge, and deep conversations. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Chloe opened up about what she looks for in a partner. "I like the guy really cool and like, fire on the outside, but they got a nerd out on the inside. They have to be really sweet and kind and funny and intellectual," she said.

Mars in Gemini

Mars is a placement that dictates our aggression, passion, and drive. This planet is evident in the way we pursue our passions and respond to conflict. Chloe's Mars sign is in the mutable air sign, Gemini, meaning she's easily adaptable, but not so much confrontational. When it comes to conflict, Chloe tends to keep her cool, sticking with the facts of the case.

"Gemini Mars folks are multitaskers and can do many things at once; all they need is the word, or an idea," Astrodim said. "This could be why Chloe is involved in many roles in her music creation as well as her acting role on Grown-ish."

When reacting to criticisms over her expression of her body in the "Have Mercy" music video, Chloe is all smiles. "'Why are you showing so much skin?' Because I can, it's my body, and I'm so proud of it, and I hope that you're proud of yours, too," she says matter-of-factly. She isn't impassioned nor does she seems fazed by the disapproval of others, which is a staple of Gemini's qualities. She's sticking to the facts, and the reality is, she's assured in herself and comfortable with her body, and that's really all there is to it.