I'm Shocked to Admit Chris Martin's Soulful Cover of "Party in the USA" Hit Me Right in the Feels

Coldplay visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday ahead of their performances at Hollywood Palladium later this month, and while they were prepared to chat about all things Coldplay-related, Chris Martin was given a couple of special surprises from the host.

First, Ellen played a short video of Chris singing Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA" at a fundraiser back in October 2019. And while I never thought I'd feel moved by someone serenading a crowd while playing the piano and singing the words, "then the DJ dropped my favorite tune, and a Britney song was on," here we are.

Next, Ellen shocked Chris when she started playing a 22-year-old home video. The video was filmed by Chris himself in 1998, just two years before Coldplay dropped their debut studio album, Parachutes. In the clip, he tells the camera how Coldplay is going to be a pretty big deal one day. "Act of the Coldplay are going to go on to be such a huge band," a braces-wearing Chris says in the video. "This will be on national television within four years. It's the 26th of June 1998. By the 26th of June 2002, the Coldplay, or the band, whatever they're called then, will be known all over, man. We're going to be so big." To be fair, he wasn't wrong.

Throughout the video, Chris just about loses his mind, covering his face to shield himself from his own mortification. The moral of the story? Dreams really do come true, people. Watch the full clip featuring a young Chris Martin above, before watching his Miley cover below.

Chris Martin Singing "Party in the USA"

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