Only Chrissy Teigen Could Mistake Michael Keaton For a Waiter

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If you thought waving back to someone who wasn't waving at you was bad, just wait until you hear what happened to Chrissy Teigen at the Golden Globes. During her March 9 appearance on The Tonight Show, Chrissy played a round of "Best, Worst, First" with host Jimmy Fallon. "God, I think it was after the Golden Globes. Oh no, this might be worst," Chrissy said with a laugh as she recalled her mortifying Michael Keaton moment. "I was drinking a lot, and I saw somebody at the entrance holding a glass of Champagne, so I just went up, and I took it, and I said 'Thank you,' and John goes, 'That was Michael Keaton.'"

Of course, Jimmy nearly lost his damn mind at the revelation. "It was not someone serving Champagne?" Jimmy countered. "No, it was not," Chrissy replied. "God, I'm so embarrassed by it still, I could die . . . I took it, I drank it, and I left." If it had to be anyone, at least it was an actor with a sense of humor. You can see how the whole Michael Keaton debacle went down, along with Chrissy's "worst" and "first" moments, in the full clip above.