David Oyelowo Is a Dad of 4 — Meet His Kids

David Oyelowo is reaping the rewards of his hard work as a father. The "Silo" actor — who is the proud dad of three sons and a daughter with his wife, Jessica Oyelowo — isn't shy to show off his beautiful family on social media, but it was an April 2023 video he shared that brought fans — and David himself — to tears.

"The hardest thing about being a working actor for me is being away from my family so on this day, this is the best birthday gift and surprise imaginable," David captioned a beautiful clip of his four children serenading him unexpectedly as he was overcome with emotion. "What a way to wake up. I love my babies. ❤️"

Jessica, who David married in 1998, also shared the video, writing, "Birthday fun surprising @davidoyelowo with all our kids showing up in Texas while he was on a night shoot!! He had no idea they were there he's missed our babies so much HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!!!!! You are literally the best human EVERRRRRRR. (apart from our kids)."

The duo share Asher, Caleb, Penuel, and Zoe. Learn more about the couple's kids — including what the actor has said about them over the years — ahead.

Asher Oyelowo
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Asher Oyelowo

Asher is the eldest of David and Jessica's kids, and his first to also work in the entertainment industry. Asher was born on Oct. 10, 2001, and made his debut as a model in January 2017, when he walked in a Dolce & Gabbana show.

According to his Instagram, he goes by the name Asher Yelo, and he released his first EP, "Mr. Misunderstood," in 2022. The album consists of six songs, and he's also known to cover hits from famous artists like Justin Bieber on his social media accounts, showcasing his talent.

During a September 2022 interview with Weekend Beats (via The Guardian), Asher opened up about what inspires his music. "I just love telling, learning, and emoting stories. As much as I enjoy modeling and the prospect of acting, my true place of fulfilment comes from creating music," he said.

Asher added: "I'd have to say that the chaotic and unexpected nature of life is my primary inspiration. Having such a diverse and multicultural background, alongside the many life experiences I've had — whether falling in love, experiencing loss, the beauty of community, and the darkness of isolation — inform the topics I touch on in music. They're all things that play into the human experience. And so, I believe I've been positioned in a way to be able to face these matters head-on and articulate them in a way that is relatable to others."

During Oprah's June 2020 "Where Do We Go From Here?," which addressed systemic racism in America, David opened up about how the killing of George Floyd by police especially affected Asher. "I have spent so much of the last two weeks crying. And one of the moments where that began is when I went to speak to my son and I didn't have the words. Because George Floyd wasn't resisting arrest," David said. "It's not like telling my son, Put your hands on the dash. Those conversations are already emasculating — to basically say, 'Forget about justice in an interaction with the police, come home alive.'"

David added: "The thing that has brutalized me this week was watching my eldest son. I was walking past his bedroom and I heard sobbing. He was broken because he didn't understand the world he had graduated into. I couldn't give him any comfort. We'd had the talk of how to interact with police in America."

In an Instagram post in May 2023, Jessica described her eldest son as "sweet and kind and fierce and passionate."

"He is a man of faith and integrity, he knows who he is and will not compromise on anything," she added. "He makes incredible music and is kind enough to always ask my opinion on his work. He made me a Mama and I could not be more proud of this beautiful man who is my son."

Penuel Oyelowo

Penuel was born on Feb. 26, 2008. Not much is known about Penuel other than that his parents are extremely proud of him.

"Please join me in wishing my beautiful beautiful son Penuel @penuel_oywlowo a Happy Birthday!!!" David wrote in 2022. "My heart swells with joy at the very thought of him. 🎂"

That same year, Jessica shared an adorable selfie of Penuel with Robert Downey Jr., writing, "Happy Birthday Penuel 🥳🥳🥳 our stunning amazing ridiculous hilarious kind Face of God. You are so cool that @robertdowneyjr asked for a selfie with you. No joke. I literally love you. Happy 14th big man."

Caleb Oyelowo
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Caleb Oyelowo

Just like Penuel, Caleb has an Instagram page but it contains no public posts. His birthday is unclear. Thanks to his doting mom and dad, however, fans know that Caleb is headed off to college — though he hasn't decided where yet.

"Caleb and I had so much fun visiting the colleges he has a place at. I loved getting some extra time with him before he chooses one of these schools and leaves home," Jessica captioned a sweet video in April 2023. "However, when you raise your kids to leave you and pursue their own passions don't be mad when they do just that! Any tips on how to handle this?"

Zoe Oyelowo
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Zoe Oyelowo

Zoe is the youngest — and only daughter — of David and Jessica's four children. It's clear from Instagram how she's both her mom and dad's sidekick, and they're constantly exploring together.

In May 2021, David revealed that Zoe was the main reason he took on the role of Nigel Basil-Jones in "Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway."

"I did @peterrabbitmovie partly because our daughter, Zoe INSISTED upon it," David captioned a photo of himself with Zoe and Jessica on the red carpet at the premiere of the film. "It was so amazing to share it with her in an actual movie theater!! @sonypictures @willgluckwhat."

Zoe is also a super-talented musician who sings and plays the harp. "There is so much bad in the world, but there is also good," David wrote alongside a video of Zoe and Jessica performing a song together. "Pure, glorious, beauteous good. My wife and daughter are proof of that."

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