2 of David and Georgia Tennant's Kids Are Working Actors — Learn More About Their Family

When David Tennant wed his wife, Georgia Tennant, in 2011, he not only gained a teammate for life, but he also added a bonus son to his family. In the years following their wedding, David and Georgia went on to welcome four more children, creating one big, happy family. The couple are known to share small glimpses of their life on social media, but according to David, the couple won't be oversharing anytime soon.

"We're not quite as squeamish as we were," David told The Guardian in July 2020 of opening up a bit more when it comes to his home life. "I don't think we'll ever be sharing pictures of our children in Hello! Magazine, but I think a lot of that comes from an insecurity about being uncovered or invaded. The longer you're together, the less that feels like a threat."

David also once shared why he and Georgia take their kids' privacy so seriously. "Our kids are lovely, and I think that being a dad is one of the most extraordinary and life-affirming things that can ever happen to you, as well as being something you have to keep working at if you're going to be any good at it," he told Candid magazine (via Hello! magazine). "The kids don't ask to be photographed when we're walking down the street, and we've decided that if we don't talk much about them in public, then we can maintain a bit of moral high ground to be able to say to photographers, 'Look, we don't talk about them, so you don't need to take their picture.'"

One thing David is outspoken about, however, is how fatherhood has changed his outlook on a lot of things, such as feminism and world issues as a whole. "As a father of daughters, [world issues are] something that one wants to be keenly aware of, but it's that constant examination of programming that you've received yourself," he told Stylist in June 2019. "I think all of us men — and women — can be guilty of having expectations of the world."

"We just have to make sure that we're challenging them, just to make sure that we're all in a leveled playing field," he added. "That's all it should be about."

To find out more about David and Georgia's five children, scroll through this gallery.

Ty Tennant
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Ty Tennant

After finding love with Georgia, David legally adopted her son Ty in 2011. Ty was born on March 27, 2002, and is now an actor with credits in TV shows, including "House of the Dragon," "War of the Worlds," "Around the World in 80 Days," and "Doom Patrol."

David previously opened up about the fear he and Georgia initially had when Ty went into acting. "Acting is a crapshoot anyway, and Georgia and I had this fear when he went into it of, what if we see him in something and he's rubbish? Will we be able to tell him? But as it turns out, he's incredibly talented. Which was a great relief to realize!" he told Candid magazine (via Hello! magazine).

Olive Tennant

Olive Tennant

Olive was born on March 29, 2011. Like her parents and older brother, Olive has already begun pursuing an acting career. She has credits in two films, 2021's "Belfast" with Jamie Dornan and Judi Dench and 2017's "You, Me and Him."

In 2023, Georgia penned a sweet birthday tribute to Olive on Instagram, writing, "Happy Birthday to this one. She doesn't have instagram but if she did I would take this opportunity to tell her how proud we are of her. She's the hardest working person I know, she's funny, she's kind, she's a better actor than all of us and has no idea and she is so utterly adored by us all. But I guess I'll have to go old school and tell her in person. Boring x #happy12thbirthday 🫒."

Wilfred Tennant

Wilfred was born on May 2, 2013. Wilfred has beautiful blond hair that Georgia often gushes over on Instagram. In 2023, Georgia subtly confirmed that Wilfred uses they/them pronouns. "Happy Birthday to them 🥳," Georgia wrote alongside a series of photos, which included one from when Wilfred was a newborn, one of Doris's birthday card to them, and one with a card that read, "To our wonderful child on your birthday."

Doris Tennant

Doris was born on Oct. 3, 2015. In honor of her fifth birthday in 2020, Georgia shared an adorable message on Instagram, poking fun at the fact that people question the name she and David chose for her.

"Happy Birthday our darling Doris (yes we called her Doris)," she wrote. "5 years since I pulled you into this world & we've been running to keep up with you ever since. You are a force of nature and the world has a treat coming in the shape of you. #happybirthday."

Birdie Tennant

Birdie is the youngest of the Tennant kids and was born on Oct. 6, 2019. According to Georgia's Instagram, the baby of the family lives up to her name, often captioning posts with comments such as "free as a bird."

In September 2021, Georgia also joked that Birdie likes the freedom of being the only child when her older siblings go to school. "'Thank f*ck they're all back to school'- Birdie T, 2021. #backtoschool," Georgia captioned a hilarious photo.

That same year, Georgia honored Birdie on her birthday, writing, "Happy Birthday to our sweet Bird. Kindest, happiest and blondest toddler around. Loves #chocolate #peppapig and #mytits 🐦2️⃣🎂"

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