Demi Moore Says Ex Bruce Willis Didn't Deserve to Make More Money Than Her on Past Movie

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Demi Moore bravely sat down with James Corden on Wednesday night to take on the "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" segment, and ended up slightly shading one of her exes in the process. The game got off to a rocky start when Corden revealed he hasn't read Moore's recently released memoir Inside Out — even though he gushed about it in the green room before the show — and had to suffer through a bite of cow blood and pork tongue jelly as punishment.

Next, Moore had no problem admitting the worst movie she'd ever been in is Parasite 3-D to avoid eating a 100-year-old egg. Then we learned that Corden would prefer to eat a gooey fish eye than admit who out of his Cats costars — Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Swift — is the worst actor. The whole game wrapped up when Moore took a good-natured (we think) jab at her second husband, Bruce Willis. When asked which male actor was the most undeserving to earn more than her in a movie, she quickly chose Willis. "I did say that I couldn't say he didn't deserve it," she hedged before downing the hot sauce shot anyway. Watch the full video above.