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Discover the Women-Led '90s Show to Watch Tonight

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We partnered with Hulu to bring you all the '90s nostalgia, just in time for their '90s Week show highlights, along with the premiere of the new original documentary, kid 90, now streaming on Hulu.

Ahh, the '90s — a time when Tamagotchis reigned supreme and plaid ruled everything around us. It was a glorious decade that gave us frosted tips, slap bracelets, and, OMG, instant messenger. Of course, the '90s also gifted us with great TV, along with some iconic women leads that have lived on in our minds long after we traded our beepers for smartphones. Answer the following questions to narrow down which '90s show you should binge tonight with your leading ladies. And to re-live even more '90s behind-the-scenes nostalgia, tune in to the new original documentary kid 90, streaming now on Hulu.

Who (or what) wouldbe your never-failsidekick? My diary My tape recorder My fab group offriends My bestie The wildest girl inschool My group of 3wisecrackin’ BFFs My assistant My talking cat My twin sister How do you cope in acrisis? Vent to myride-or-die With a trip to thesalon Hop in a convertible& head to the mall Follow my gut &strong moral compass Write my feelingsout in a letter Get on a soapbox &yell Get lost in afantasy sequence With help from myaunts Ask my parents foradvice What's yoursignature look? Box braids & silverjewelry Wild curly hair A trendy mini dress A kick-ass floppyhat Anything oversizeplaid A jewel-tone dresswith shoulder pads A miniskirt powersuit Anything sheer in astatement pattern Flared jeans & achunky sweater What would be yourgo-to hangout spot? My friend’srestaurant The coffee shop The local retrodiner I'm a homebody Under the bleachers The office The after-work happyhour spot The Other Realm My bedroom is myhaven