Debra Messing Interviewing Glennon Doyle For Her New Podcast, The Dissenters, Is the Perfect Weekend Listen

Mandana Dayani
Mandana Dayani

Whether you've been a longtime fan or you just recently devoured her latest memoir, Untamed, you know that Glennon Doyle's unapologetic, relatable advice pretty much speaks to your soul. Debra Messing and cohost Mandana Dayani — who created and cofounded I Am a Voter — wholeheartedly agree, which is why the duo asked Doyle to be the very first guest on their brand-new podcast, The Dissenters, and we have an exclusive clip above for you to listen to.

"Glennon Doyle is our goddess. She just makes everyone feel seen and has this magical power of validating our feelings and giving us the hope and courage to be whoever we want to be. Every page of her book Untamed just made our hearts burst," Messing told POPSUGAR. "I think one of my favorite parts of our conversation was discovering our mutual love for The Real Housewives, but I think the biggest lesson for both of us came from our conversation about the importance of anger."

The empowering new podcast features 20 of the duo's own personal heroes — including Doyle, Jameela Jamil, and Hilary Clinton — who are committed to challenging the status quo and inspiring others to find their purpose. "We are the biggest fans of these heroes," said Messing. "Part of the idea for The Dissenters came from us just dreaming of how incredible it would be to actually meet them. But mostly, we created this show to engage, inform, and empower more people."

The new podcast, produced by Dear Media, arrives just in time for some perfect weekend listening! Listen to a teaser of the Glennon Doyle episode above — where they chat all about the power of anger and how to be brave — and check out the full episode now on Apple Podcasts.