So, Doja Cat Responded as a Literal Cat During Met Gala Interview With Emma Chamberlain

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Cat got your tongue? Doja Cat fully embodied her feline character at the 2023 Met Gala on May 1, responding as if she were an actual cat during her entire Vogue red carpet interview with Emma Chamberlain. While Chamberlain may have intended on getting legitimate answers out of Doja, the 27-year-old rapper had other plans. "OK, so tell me all about this," Chamberlain said, gesturing to Doja's Oscar de la Renta look, complete with sparkly cat ears and facial prosthetics. But instead of giving coherent words, Doja just meowed into the microphone.

"I mean, wait, so who made it?" Chamberlain asked, seeking further clarification. But when Doja responded the same way, Chamberlain had no choice but to carry on the conversation herself, assigning meaning to Doja's purring and unexpectedly flexing her improv skills. "Wow, OK . . . so something a little different," Chamberlain said in all seriousness.

Chamberlain later asked Doja to "go into detail" about her inspiration for the Met Gala, encouraging her to spare no details. Taking a deep breath, Doja proceeded to give a lengthier answer (by cat standards, at least), meowing three times and leading Chamberlain to cover her mouth with amusement. As the interview came to an end, she meowed one last time, as if to say, "Bye!"

This was Doja's first appearance at the Met Gala, and her outfit did not disappoint. In honor of the theme, "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty," Doja paid tribute to the late fashion designer's love of cats. More specifically, his own beloved pet, Choupette. But as good as her fashion was on its own, it was moments like this that made her inspiration come to life, and stars like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have already re-created the interview on TikTok. Plus, from the look on Doja's face, she seemed to have had just as much fun acting like Choupette as we did watching her.