The Rock's Reaction to Getting a Hollywood Star Will Inspire You to Work Your Ass Off

Dwayne Johnson is unstoppable. After taking 2017 by storm, his huge year came full circle when Variety announced that he'll be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Rock is constantly motivating people with his workout videos and inspirational posts about gratitude, but his uplifting energy immediately radiated through our screens when the actor took to Instagram to reflect on the amazing opportunities and "roses" in his life while aboard a private plane.

"I don't want to say anything cliché like, 'If you work hard, you can have this life too,' but I do believe in relentless hard work and being the hardest workers in the room," Dwayne preached. "I also believe in kindness. Kindness matters. Being a decent human being matters. And I'm not saying hard work and kindness equate to success, but I will tell you this: you can get a lot further in life with hard work and being a good person than hard work and being an assh*le."

As usual, he finished off his video with a piece of sage advice that everyone can (and should) take to heart: "I once heard, 'It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice,' so be nice, work hard, and enjoy your roses."

While we're not sure if Dwayne was serious about running for president, we are sure that he can do anything he works for . . . especially with that undeniably sexy salt-and-pepper beard. After the news broke about his much-deserved Hollywood star, Dwayne tweeted about what a "true true honor" it is. Congratulations, and you best believe we'll be taking you up on that tequila offer, Dwayne!