Edie Falco Chose to Be a Single Mom Because She "Was Clearer About Wanting Kids" Than a Partner

Edie Falco loves being a mom. The "Nurse Jackie" star has two kids — a son named Anderson and a daughter named Macy — whom she adopted in 2005 and 2008, respectively. While appearing on "Anderson" in April 2012, Falco said she felt an instant connection with her children when she first met them. "The second you are handed a newborn, it is yours," she said. "It doesn't matter what body it came out of. I've never felt more strongly about anything in my life."

In March 2018, she told Vulture that the urge to start a family came after being in a few serious relationships. "We were looking at marriage and then we were looking at kids, and then the relationship fell apart," she said. "If you're with someone you love and the idea of raising kids together feels fantastic, it starts to take root. So once the relationships ended, that was still alive in me."

After learning she had become free of breast cancer, Falco felt it was the right time to become a mother. "At 40, I'm gonna be an older parent, and I'm single. So what am I gonna do, like start dating?" she recalled thinking. "I was clearer about wanting kids than about wanting a partner at the time. I figured what comes after that, like everything else in my life, will reveal itself."

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Edie Falco's Son, Anderson
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Edie Falco's Son, Anderson

Falco became a first-time mother when she adopted her son, Anderson, in 2005, per Us Weekly. The star opened up about her adoption journey while appearing on "Anderson" in April 2012. "I just knew at a certain point it was time to raise kids," she said. "At that time, I was single and the idea to adopt came to me."

Ever since her kids were young, Falco has always been transparent with them about their adoptions. "Early on, the word adoption has been a part of my house," she said. "I don't know if they know that not every one of their friends is adopted. Maybe they think it's the way everybody comes into a family."

In that same interview, Falco recounted a time when her son asked questions about where babies come from. "My son says, 'So then the lady has the baby in her belly, and then I [say], 'And when the baby comes out, she gives the baby to the mommy,'" she said. "The fact that some of the ladies keep the babies for their own, we'll get to that."

Falco briefly talked about her son again in an April 2018 interview with "Live With Kelly and Ryan," revealing that Anderson was 13 years old and that he was at that stage where he'd grown distant from his mom. "He's just like, 'Hi, mom,' and then he goes to his room. That is our interaction," she said, before joking, "It means I'm doing something right apparently that he hates me now."

In February 2020, she appeared on the show again and revealed that Anderson had a growth spurt. "Anderson is taller than me. It's really rough," she said. "I walk down the street and see a little blond boy and I break into tears. Those little, tiny kids are just gone."

Edie Falco's Daughter, Macy
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Edie Falco's Daughter, Macy

Falco adopted her daughter, Macy, as a baby in 2008. In a January 2020 interview with USA Today, Falco revealed that while both of her kids visit her on set when she's filming, Macy especially gets involved with her mom's projects. "My daughter runs around and hands out goodies to the cast and crew. I love it," she said, adding that she sometimes gets to try on the wardrobe. "The hair and makeup people put her in a costume of like a 1950s little waitress. It's a candy-striped thing . . . and she went around with a little tray."

Macy also helps around on set to pass the time while her mom works. "One of my dear friends is the prop girl, so Macy was helping her, and Macy has grown up with this friend of mine, so Macy was helping her take the paper towels off [the props]," Falco said. "I love that she can grow up like this. I hope that she's enjoying it as much as I'm pretending that she's enjoying it. But I love that she's allowed to be there and she can see all this happen and [it's] not mysterious what mom does."

While appearing on "Live With Kelly and Ryan" in February 2020, Falco said her daughter — who was about to turn 12 years old — had grown up to become "a bit of a wise guy," and just like Anderson, Macy was starting to act more rebellious toward her lately. "They're rude, but that means you did a good job," she said. "That's exactly what they're supposed to be at this point, but I don't like it."

More Pictures of Edie Falco's Kids
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