Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding's Friendship Is Almost as Magical as Christmas Morning

Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke star together in the upcoming holiday rom-com Last Christmas, and their offscreen friendship couldn't be any cuter. Even though the film marks the pair's first project together, you wouldn't know it from the way they rave about each other. "She's the best. She is full of energy," Henry recently told Vogue Australia. "She's such a joy to work with. I'd work with her any day of the week. She deserves all the success in the world. She really does. She's such a sweetheart and I think it's her true personality [that] comes out [in the film]." In fact, the 32-year-old actor was a fan of Emilia long before they even worked together, thanks to Game of Thrones.

Likewise, Emilia became a fan of Henry after watching Crazy Rich Asians. "I've not said this to you because it's sort of embarrassing, but you came on the screen and I was like, 'Good lord, that's the single most attractive man I've ever seen in my life,'" the 33-year-old confessed to Henry in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Last Christmas hits theaters on Nov. 8, but until then, check out some of Henry and Emilia's sweetest moments together ahead!