6 Fascinating Facts About Leah Lewis That'll Get You Excited to See Her in The Half of It

Nancy Drew's Leah Lewis stars in the upcoming Netflix film The Half of It, a teen romance with a modern twist on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac story. Leah, who plays musician Ellie Chu in the movie, keeps moving on up in Hollywood after landing what she told Assignment X was her first paid gig on the Disney Channel in 2012. She's since had roles in The Good Doctor, Charmed, and most recently on The CW's Nancy Drew, alongside actors she now considers good friends. Ahead of the release of The Half of It, we wanted to get to know Leah a little bit better, so we found six fun facts about her that you may not have already known. Keep reading to check them out.

Leah Lewis Is a Budding Photographer

Leah took up photography as a more serious hobby in late 2019, when she posted about getting a new Nikon camera with the guidance of her photographer friend Noah Asanias. She posts her photos on her photography Instagram, @avocationalfancy. She's been taking stunning portraits of people for years though, judging by some of her Instagram snaps from way back in 2015.

Leah Lewis Loves to Work Out

Way back in 2012, Leah said in an interview that some of her favorite hobbies were swimming, hiking, and running. She gushed about outdoor activities and how she likes to be on the move. Fast forward a few years and she's posting on Instagram about her workouts, gaining muscle, and getting fit. She wrote on Instagram, "I'm learning a lot about my body the longer I keep at it and how to really get the most out of my workouts."

Leah Lewis Was Adopted From China

Leah was adopted from China when she was 8 months old and grew up in Florida. She spent some time in Los Angeles when she decided she wanted to be a star, but came back to Florida as a teen. She moved back to LA to pursue acting and singing after graduating high school. She said in a 2012 interview that LA and Florida are very different and seemed to prefer LA, however, since moving to LA permanently, she's reminisced about missing her home state.

Leah Lewis Has Been With Her Boyfriend For Years

Leah and her boyfriend, singer and actor Payson Lewis, started dating in 2016. The two have posted numerous snaps of each other on their Instagrams cheering each other in work and in life, and have even taken the stage together to perform.

Leah Lewis Auditioned For The Voice

In 2013, Leah auditioned for The Voice and hoped to catch the eye of Blake Shelton or Usher. She told host Carson Daly that her dad's southern roots got her into country music and she especially liked to sing bluegrass. She sang Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away," but didn't advance in the competition.

She's shared so many singing videos on both YouTube and Instagram, and crosses all genres with her choices. She's covered everything from Billie Eilish and Adele to The Beatles — a band she said in a 2012 interview were one of her favorites — all accompanied by her guitar that she named James.

Leah Lewis Was a Nancy Drew Fan as a Child

In an interview at 2019 PaleyFest, Leah said she loved reading the Nancy Drew books when she was a third grader. She said she liked that they were engaging and easy to get into as a child, which made getting the role of George Fan in the CW series all the more exciting.